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Augusta Georgia Old Homes

Augusta Georgia Old Homes for Sale

Homes in Augusta Gerogia Built Before 1950

by Bill Crawford, Text 404 615-4721, Email

Augusta Georgia Old Homes

My wife and I live in one of Augusta Georgia’s old homes.  Before that, we lived in the Atlanta Historic neighborhood of Virginia Highlands before moving to Main Street in Warrington, Georgia.

We would be glad to help you buy or sell an old home in one of Augusta’s beautiful historic neighborhoods.


Why do I love Augusta Georgia Old Homes built before 1950?

I could say it is because I like the pleasing and diverse architecture Augusta Georgia Old Homeslike Federal, Greek Revival, Italianate, Second Empire, Folk Victorian, Colonial Revival, Queen Anne, Neoclassical Revival, English Vernacular Revival, Italian Renaissance Revival, Prairie Style, Craftsman, and Spanish Colonial Revival

But let me be more specific and start out with the front porch. The old house I live in is in the Augusta neighborhood of Kissingbower and has a large, covered front porch.  It is large enough to contain four chairs and several plants. I have a gargoyle named Emmett that sits on the wide porch railing. I can wave at my neighbor and watch the sunrise in the east. I feel part of my neighborhood.

Moving inside, I like the spaciousness of tall ceilings and wide entrances to adjoining rooms. Often, adjustable transoms were built above the doors to allow fresh air flow through the house. Doors, windows, and ceilings have well-proportioned moldings which properly frame each room. Hardwood floors have been constructed on a wood foundation. Besides being beautiful, this allows the heating and air to come through the floor making for a more comfortable home. Compare this flooring to a modern slab that has no “give” and is hard on one’s back. Most slab construction usually has less efficient air conditioning from the ceiling. Old houses usually have very useful built-in cabinetry in the kitchen, dining room, den, or breakfast room.

Now, let us go back to architecture. Most historic Augusta Georgia Old Homes contain houses with many types of architecture. There are functional differences and aesthetic differences in each type of architecture. I suggest the reference; “A Field Guide to American Houses”, The Definitive Guide to Identifying and Understanding America’s Domestic Architecture by Virginia Savage McAlister. This guide takes you from Native American to Modern Homes. The homes built before 1950 have more options in functionality as well as curb appeal.

As Emmett says, welcome to my Old House!

I can help you you can enjoy the historic charm of living in an old home with modern features and amenities that are available in many of the Augusta Old Home Communities.

What are the benefits of utilizing the services of Dream Street for assistance with an Augusta, Georgia Old Home?

Bill Crawford, who has resided in historic homes for more than 23 years in Atlanta’s Virginia Highlands and on Main Street in Warrenton, GA, currently resides in an older home in Augusta, Georgia. Bill collaborates with his brother Jim, who possesses an extensive 37-year background in the real estate industry. Additionally. 

Jim, who holds a marketing degree from Auburn University, possesses extensive experience in corporate sales. His expertise qualifies him as your trusted advisor for assisting you with your Augusta, Georgia, old home, making him an invaluable resource for general audience consumers in the real estate market.


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